Parent Training- a mindful approach.

  • Throughout this 6 week training, you will learn about mindfulness as an everyday practice, engage in structured mindfulness activities (tailored to you!), learn about data collection, the various applications of it, and begin a meditation routine. You will have weekly check-ins and access to many resources. 
  • 1:1 one hour weekly session- these are done via web camera though an application called Zoom.
  • Data collection- you will learn to use a self-monitoring system to collect data on your daily practice.
  • Goal setting- although the training has a purpose in itself, you will set 3 goals to accomplish throughout the training. 
  • Two 30 minute follow up sessions are included to answer any questions and to reinforce some of the skills you learned.

Mindfulness is the self-regulation of one’s attention to the present moment. It is observing the world around us while engaging in acceptance and curiosity.

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Next available dates:
July 1st, 2020 – August 15th, 2020
September 1st, 2020- November 15th, 2020

Staff Training- a mindful approach.

  • This training follows the same flow and structure as above; however, it is intended to help ABA practitioners engage in mindfulness within the work setting, explore the literature related to mindfulness in ABA, and explore this topic within the wellness scope.
  • Individual or group sessions available!
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