About LinkABA

What makes us different?

Our online scheduling feature allows flexibility when picking your meeting times and dates. You can benefit from having multiple clients supervised at each meeting (through video). You can choose from BCBAs around the world that meet your needs and specific interests. Our software includes video sharing technology for easy communication and personalized feedback. We strive to provide exceptional supervision encompassing:

  • Increased knowledge of terminology and use of ABA principles
  • Increased knowledge of literature through writing assignments and literature reviews
  • Knowledgeable feedback from highly trained professionals
  • Individualized curriculum based on the 4th and 5th edition Task List
  • Ongoing mentorship opportunities after completion of supervision
  • Study tips and materials
  • Access to small group meetings with guest BCBA speakers to address specific topics of interest

What we expect from you:

  •  An ABA field placement job
  • Must be enrolled in an approved ABA master’s degree (or undergraduate approve ABA course sequence)
  • Reliable internet connection with access to camera and microphone
  • Signed consent form from client to record part of your therapy session
  • Readiness to receive feedback 
  • Eligible for supervision according to the BACB experience standards
Please refer to https://www.bacb.com/wp-content/uploads/BACB-bcbabcaba-Experience-Standards.pdf

Link ABA is a company that was formed by a culmination of passion for the ABA field, and a desire for it to be very easy for supervisors and BCaBA/BCBA candidates to find each other and connect in a very seamless and professional way.

As I reflected on my journey towards becoming a BCBA I realized that it was quite difficult at times to obtain the quality supervision needed to be competent in the field. The field of Applied Behavior Analysis has a rapidly growing community of professionals that are dedicated and passionate in what they do. However, the lack of quality of supervision is equally as vast as sometimes supervisors are spread too thin with their caseloads. Link ABA is a company that allows individuals pursuing certification to obtain high quality supervision. Our goal is to broaden a board certification candidate’s knowledge and understanding of this field’s practices in order to truly impact the life of the individuals they work with.

A very important factor that more people should be aware of is that as a professional in the field, it is our responsibility to not only apply principles that are proven to be effective, but also to teach and provide guidance to parents and caregivers in order for our interventions to generalize and be effective long after we are no longer providing services. Link ABA is committed to placing emphasis on everything that will encompass your professional growth and success in the field.

Whether you are a BCBA looking to share your knowledge and passion in ABA or a BCaBA/BCBA candidate in search of quality supervision we believe that LinkABA.com could be just the connection you are looking for.

-Jessica L. Fuller M.S., BCBA – Co-Founder

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BCBA Candidate Process

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