Mindful pregnancy

This one is for all the moms-to-be. The timeline For this book is 6 weeks. Don’t worry, it is an easy and insightful read. It offers practical applications and a ton of knowledge. We will meet twice during this period to discuss and share over some tea.

Mindful Pregnancy by Tracy Donegan.
  • Mindful Pregnancy by Tracy Donegan is an excellent guide to looking within to find ways to practice mindfulness throughout pregnancy.You can order a copy on amazon!

As a mother my self, and pregnant with my second child, I am excited to read this book with you to learn new insight and support each other thought this beautiful and sometimes rocky journey.

Scheduled zoom sessions:

  • Friday, October 9 10-11am
    • Chapters 1, 2, 3
  • Friday, October 23 10-11am
    • Chapters 4, 5, 6

Register bellow! Limit seats available.

Once you have registered, you will receive your zoom invitation to the meetings. I look forward to learning about your journey and reading this together.

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Jessica L. Fuller, M.S., BCBA is a board-certified behavior analyst and wellness advocate working with individuals on creating more meaningful lifestyles by incorporating mindfulness into their everyday lives and tracking behavior change though the use of behavior analysis. Jessica grew up in the Yucatan peninsula and was heavily influenced by the diversity of lifestyles and cultures that created the city she grew up in, Playa del Carmen. She is currently pursuing a doctoral degree at TCSPP were her research focuses on intercontinental remote training and mindfulness practices within a behavior analytic scope.

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