LinkABA is a company that was created by a culmination of passion and desire to improve the way telehealth services are conducted within our field. By providing the most evidence based teaching strategies and interventions we are able to see favorable results across the individuals we serve.

Learn. Innovate. Network. Know.

LinkABA is committed to bringing on board highly knowledgeable, ethical, and motivated BCBA supervisors who are committed to making an impact around the world with behavior analysis.

Our mission.

While many are lucky enough to work in regions that have an abundance of behavior analysts, others are not so fortunate and reside in remote areas where accessing a BCBA is not an option. We strive to better supervision practices to ensure that we continue to propel our field forward by helping people access highly ethical and knowledgeable supervisors that are going to teach future behavior analysts to not only be competent in the field but to instill a passion for ABA and encourage them to find their niche. The motto of Link ABA arose from this passion. “Connecting Great Minds Worldwide.”

Products and Services

  • 1:1 and group setting Independent Field Work Supervision .
  • Mentorship
  • NEW!!
  • Parent Training.
  • Staff training
  • Teacher Training

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