LinkABA is a company that was created by a culmination of passion and desire to improve the way telehealth services are conducted within our field. By providing the most evidence-based teaching strategies and interventions, we can see favorable results across the individuals we serve.

Our mission.

We strive to create a learning environment that is enriched with inspiration, humility, and collaboration. Whether you are a parent searching for new ways to work on challenging behaviors, a behavior therapists dealing with burnout, or a student looking for mentorship or supervision, we are here to ensure you learn the necessary skills to be successful in what you do while learning to be aware of the present moment.

Learn. Innovate. Network. Know.

LinkABA is committed to helping you learn new skills, cultivate your ideas, network with people all around the globe, and build your confidence by knowing the skills you need in order to succeed. All while creating a community of individuals who understand the importance and engage in everyday mindfulness to be fully present to others ideas, feelings, and behaviors.

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